Moros HM350 Scrap Shear

This 1993 shear (not operated since 2003) requires repair but has great potential. Can be supplied as is or fully repaired.


This second-hand HM350 scrap shear was manufactured in 1993 but has not been in use since 2002. It will require some repair work to being it back into service and we can either carry this out at cost or supply as is.

The machine has a 120 H.P. main motor drive, a 6,000 x 750 x 550mm loading box and a hold-down of 60 tons. It was designed to work with pipes and long objects. The pusher ram pushes the material to the head and the ceiling can be regulated in different positions to fix the cutting length. The first position regulates a cut of 250 mm and the followings each 230 mm (approximately 250mm/480mm/710mm). Depending on the position of the ceiling, the pusher ram moves the same distance.

Price information

Price will be made available on application. This is so we can establish your specific requirements and determine variable costs like shipping.

RMI Quality Rating (?)
2 out of 5