McIntyre 320 Alligator Shear

Ideal for cutting up copper pipes and aluminium extrusions. Two available.

This machine has been sold. However, we are continually adding to our stock of used equipment and may well be able to find you a similar product if you contact us with your requirements.


We have two of these McIntyre alligator shears available in working order. They are ideal for cutting up copper pipes and aluminium extrusions.

Technical information

Blade length 12 5/8" / 320mm
Weight 660kg
Motor size 10hp
Jaw fully open 18 cuts per minute
Jaw 1½" open 70 cuts per minute
Overall length 54" / 1,372mm
Overall width 28¼" / 720mm
Overall height 50½" / 1,282mm
Shearing height 34" / 865mm
Controls foot pedal

Price information

Price will be made available on application. This is so we can establish your specific requirements and determine variable costs like shipping.

RMI Quality Rating (?)
3 out of 5