Lindemann BIGRO Baler

This well-maintained 10-year-old baler is ideal for cardboard and plastics. Includes conveyor/loader.

This machine has been sold. However, we are continually adding to our stock of used equipment and may well be able to find you a similar product if you contact us with your requirements.


This Lindemann BIGRO Baler is approximately 10 years old and is in good condition, with all servicing conducted by approved service agents and a recent service history available for review prior to purchase. It has previously been used to process for KLS, Paper, Polythene and Hard Plastic materials.

The machine features a two stage pump for work rate speed flow control (single pump for slower working, and a two stage pump for higher ca-pacity work rates). There is also an auto tie facility with up to
4 wires optional. There are two hopper sizes dependant upon the materials to be baled, and hopper size is fully automatic with selection for manual override. A shredder / fluffer attachment can be used for paper materials, and an automatic stamper operates if the platen jams during operation. Bale size is 450-500 Kg mill sized bales, and they are tied automatically.

The conveyor / loader system is also included in the sale.

Technical information

Model Bigro 10/20
Features Fully automatic or manual operation
Capacity 10-15 tonnes per hour
Power Requirements 415 volts 3 phase supply 375 KVA
Bale Size 450-500 Kg Mill sized bales

Price information

Price will be made available on application. This is so we can establish your specific requirements and determine variable costs like shipping.

RMI Quality Rating (?)
3 out of 5