KK 500 Balemaster

This recent model is in excellent working order and will compress card, plastics and other materials into dense wire-tied bales.


This powerful machine out performs any other vertical baling press of its kind.  Card, plastics and other materials are compressed into dense wire-tied bales, of up to 600kg in weight.  The wide feed aperture (1600 x 685mm) simplifies and speeds up handling of bulky material.  Storage, transportation and waste disposal costs are dramatically reduced.

Technical Information

Suitable applications Paper, card, plastic, 5 litre paint tins
Width 1,750 mm
Depth 1,170 mm
Height 3,860 mm
Depth with door open 2,500 mm
Machine weight 2.2 tons
Feed aperture W 1,600 mm x H 685 mm
Bale dimensions W 1,525 mm x D 760 mm x H 1,220 mm
Bale weight 450-600 kg
Compaction force 42 tons
Working cycle 50 secs
Motor rating 10 HP
Electrical supply 3 Phase, 32 AMP, Motor Rated, Neutral & Earth.
400 V, 50 Hz

Price information

Price will be made available on application. This is so we can establish your specific requirements and determine variable costs like shipping.

RMI Quality Rating (?)
5 out of 5