Copex CV600 Pre-Compression Shear

This 600-ton pre-compression shear was purchased 10 years ago but not installed.


The side pre-compression box is of welded steel construction heavily reinforced.  This is fitted with a powerful lid on one side and a side compression box on the other, this whole assembly can be supplied left or right handed to suit requirements.  All wearing surfaces are fitted with replaceable manganese steel wearing plates. An operator’s cabin with access stairs is mounted on the rear of the box and gives an excellent view of the machine. The side compression and lid have a fast operation time as does the feeder ram.

The machine will be supplied dismantled.

Technical information

See the attached specification below.

Price information

Price will be made available on application. This is so we can establish your specific requirements and determine variable costs like shipping.

RMI Quality Rating (?)
3 out of 5