About Recycling Machinery International Ltd

Recycling Machinery International supplies quality used equipment to the recycling industry. Based in the UK, we source and supply recycling machinery worldwide.  We can also provide ancillary services such as machine repair, refurbishment, dismantling, shipping and installation which you can read more about on our sister site: Higgins Balers Ltd.  Higgins Balers has the reputation to deliver the quality of service you have already come to expect from Recyclig Marchinery International. 


The equipment we sell is generally offered 'as is' and ranges from machines that are best used for parts to ex-demo models in near pristine condition. Although buyers must always determine the quality and condition of a particular machine for themselves (and we are always happy to facilitate this by providing viewings, documentation etc.), we assign a quality rating to all our equipment to provide a helpful guide to our customers. This is as follows:

Rating RMI Quality Guidance
5 stars: in excellent 'as is' condition, no refurbishment necessary.
4 stars: in good 'as is' condition, refurbishment possible but not required.
3 stars: in moderate 'as is' condition, some refurbishment recommended.
2 stars: in below average 'as is' condition, structurally sound but in need of repair or refurbishment.
1 star: in poor 'as is' condition, in need of serious repair or good for parts only.


Prices are made available on application. This is so we can discuss each buyer's specific requirements and determine variable costs like dismantling, shipping. assembly, refurbishment options etc. If you are interested in a specific machine, you can either:

  • fill in an online enquiry via the 'Enquire about this machine' link on the product page, or
  • contact our office directly on +44 1562 824406

We're always adding new stock, so if we don't have what you're looking for you can always let us know your requirements and we'll contact you when we have a match.